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Springerville - tank removal at Springerville, Az. Completed Dec 5th 2013.

Sanmina - soil remediation to a depth of 50 feet and demolition of a circuit board manufacturing facility approx 230,000 sq. ft.

Leupp - demolition and recycling of a boarding school on a Navajo reservation.

Rough Rock - demolition and recycling of 100 tons of metal  at boarding school dormitories on a Navajo reservation.

TKI / Sahuarita - demolition and recycling of chemical plant south of Tucson with 60 tanks and 500,000 gallons of flammable chemicals.

Humboldt - demolition of the old Ironite Mine processing facility, including dryers and 80’ tall silos.

Railroad - cleanup after derailments for Union Pacific at various locations.

Holbrook - Excavation of buried building materials and recycling of the metals.

UPRR - demolition of 110 year-old 3-storey railroad yard control building.

Borgata - demolition of a shopping center in Scottsdale Arizona.

Keams Canyon - demolition of 3-storey dormitory building on the Hopi reservation and recycling of the materials.